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Live Painting at Head Change // Music and Art Gathering

  • Elderberry Farms Bangor, MI (map)

>>> What Is Head Change? <<<

Head Change is a gathering of truly grateful, loving people. Rich in culture, music, art, morality and vision of a more sustainable world.

"United we stand, divided we fall"

This is an enduring motto original to America. We the people (who may feel strongly in many different fashions about the state of affairs) have a responsibility to preserve Art, Music, Self Expression, Originality and the right to peacefully assemble to celebrate these values. The mega events that draw many thousands of people give in to the perpetuation of consumerism and often lack a sense of centralized unity.

The Head Change Gathering is unique in the fact that it is 100% Not-for-Profit, not monetary profit that is. This event fruits a truly unique environment, experiences, friendships and working relationships that can last a life time; THIS is our profit.
Organized & Produced by:
Secondary Studio Productions & Tree Love Collective