Electric Forest 2017 - Second Weekend
to Jul 3

Electric Forest 2017 - Second Weekend


Baelien Encounters

Electric Forest 2017 Roaming Characters

Character concept, design, and creation for The Forest by the GL&M Productions team:
Initial concept, design, and proposal by Alyssa Prince
Final concept, design & creation by Alyssa Prince, Alexandra Leitz, & Danielle Hernandez

Click the button below for more information on the Baelien creation process, final outcome, & Electric Forest event photos!

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Electric Forest 2017 - First Weekend
to Jun 25

Electric Forest 2017 - First Weekend


Baelien Encounters

Electric Forest 2017 Roaming Characters

Character concept, design, and creation for The Forest by the GL&M Productions team:
Initial concept, design, and proposal by Alyssa Prince
Final concept, design & creation by Alyssa Prince, Alexandra Leitz, & Danielle Hernandez

Click the button below for more information on the Baelien creation process, final outcome, & Electric Forest event photos!

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LIVE PAINTING @ Rootwire Music Festival
to Jul 31

LIVE PAINTING @ Rootwire Music Festival

Rootwire is a 4 Day & 3 Night Transformational Experiencedesigned to celebrate and inspire love, beauty, music, community building, and shared consciousness. 

Everyone in attendance: musicians, artists, presenters, organizers, volunteers, staff, vendors, cooks, attendees -- everyone! -- is asked to actively participate in the Transformational Act of personal and collective creation. We hope that from day one everyone is there thinking, "Love starts from me!" and goes back home four days later feeling it ten times stronger.

As with every year, we have meticulously searched far and wide for the most amazing and inspiring Transformational musicians, artists, and presenters available and have already assembled an impressive lineup for Rootwire 2K16. However, we have yet to finalize all aspects of the event, so there is more to look forward to as we make further adjustments that will take the event to ever higher heights. Expect your experiential and mind-glowing pleasure to reach pinnacle peaks at the 7th Annual Rootwire!

As you've come to expect, this year's musical lineup once again features jaw dropping sounds from local, regional, national and international acts. To enhance the music, aesthetically, Rootwire offers the largest festival-based visionary art exposition in the Eastern United States, hosting an international lineup of artists whose works are of the most moving and stunning expressions the imagination and spirit can manifest. And while the art and music of Rootwire will certainly open your mind and fill your heart, it doesn't stop there. This landmark festival also gives the same conscientious attention to the soul … to spiritual, educational, and ceremonial aspects of celebration, offering a transcendent selection of inspiring speakers, master practitioners, devoted activists, tribal elders, and activated yogis.

As part of our continuing Transformation, RW2K16 will be moving to a new venue this year. From July 28 through 31, Rootwire love will reign supreme at Poston Lake in Athens, OH!! This spacious, pastoral land is located right outside of Athens nestled into the beautiful Appalachian Foothills with picturesque views, wooded camping, 2 ponds, a grassy, hillside amphitheater and dance floor, a kids area, and a huge communal bonfire pit. At the heart of this wonderland will be our Ceremonial Center which will serve as the hub between the 2 stage areas. A central core crossroads where personal connections can be made, ideas can be exchanged, and love can flow. (See the Site Map (coming soon)) Another one of the great things about being in this new venue is that there is TONS of wooded camping and NO alcohol sales, so we can commune with Mother Nature, and you can bring in your own adult beverages of choice! The venue can accommodate 6 to 8,000 attendees, but we are intentionally capping attendance at 5,000, so there will be plenty of room for us to breathe. We couldn't be happier with the new site, and we can't wait to bring the magic that is Rootwire back to the Heart of it All.... OHIO!

Rootwire intends to supercharge every joy, dance, love, laugh, spin, hug, and think molecule in your body and beyond. Rootwire is about tapping in, about getting deep, about planting roots in things that matter, about blooming and branching out to connect and flow in the spirit of love. You will make a difference if you're there, so, please, join us at Rootwire 2K16!

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LIVE PAINTING @ Summer Camp Music Festival 2016
to May 30

LIVE PAINTING @ Summer Camp Music Festival 2016

Click the image for more information about Summer Camp Music Festival 2016!

Click the image for more information about Summer Camp Music Festival 2016!

The Soulshine Live Art Gallery is an exhibition of distinctive visual artists, builders and creators aimed at providing high quality and unique art for display and for sale. The Live Art Gallery will once again be located on either side of the stage inside of the Soulshine Tent. As the day moves into night, you can find the artists themselves painting live to some of your favorite bands at various stages throughout the festival.

The following artists will be featured in the Soulshine Live Art Gallery at Summer Camp 2016:

Adam Gilliam

Alexandria Willging

Alyssa Prince

Emily Cooper

Gavin Gonzo Gerundo

Jon Griffin

Justin Butts

Kelsey Graves

Scott Nicholson

Steven Teller

Terra Walker

Zach Brown

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Live Painting and Hoop Performance @ Charivari Detroit
to Aug 2

Live Painting and Hoop Performance @ Charivari Detroit

Welcome to an event showcasing the fastest growing music genre EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Charivari Detroit 2015 is a FREE Electronic Dance Music Festival presenting the greatest assembly of the progenitors of Electronic Dance Music. The success of our 2014 festival necessitated a site change to the larger accommodations of Belle Isle State Park.  Bigger location. Bigger line-up. 

Historically “Charivari,” a word dating back to the Middle Ages was used to describe a loud public ritual. Join devotees on August 1st and 2nd, 2015 as we evolve the spirit of “Charivari” into a loud and elaborate musical celebration featuring electronic music in all its celebrated forms. 

In addition to the Charivari, we will offer Fallout Shelter our branded preview and after parties. 

These parties featured in some of the hottest nightspots will be the perfect complement to the days’ activities. The 2014 Fallouts were sold out. Get your advance tickets early. 

Belle Isle State Park is America’s largest city-owned island park. Belle Isle is larger than New York City’s famed Central Park and both were designed by prominent urban park designer Frederick Law Olmsted. The 982-acre island located in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, remains one of Detroit’s premier attractions. It is connected to Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge.

Rich with history and natural beauty, Belle Isle Park is a Detroit treasure and Michigan’s 102nd state park. Under terms of a 30-year lease agreement with the City of Detroit, the city maintains ownership of Belle Isle while the Michigan Department of Natural Resources manages the island according to the high standards of Michigan’s award-winning state park system.

Belle Isle has an incredible range of things to see and do, including 5 miles of scenic shoreline, cultural institutions, historical monuments, sports facilities, and outdoor recreation. During your visit, consider staying awhile and enjoy great views of the Detroit skyline, Windsor (Canada), freighter traffic, and the Ambassador Bridge from the beach or shoreline picnic areas. There are dozens of great attractions on Belle Isle. 

Charivari Detroit 2015 is poised to become a new annual entertainment happening celebrating Detroit’s contribution to electronic music as the birthplace of Techno and the evolution of the genre in all its forms. Join our party for two days of free family fun on one of Detroit’s most celebrated and enduring gems. Belle Isle.

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Live Painting @ Hoodilidoo Seven
to Jun 21

Live Painting @ Hoodilidoo Seven


TICKETS ON LINE AT :)  www.hoodilidoo.com :)
We are very excited about celebrating seven years of music, we started in Herod, Illinois then the Willow Ranch and NOW at the beautiful Elderberry Farms in Bangor MI. 4700 63rd street 
Won't you join us?!?!CAMPING IS RUSTIC-PRIMITIVE BRING WHAT YOU NEED FOR A WEEKEND OF ROUGHING IT..tarps,tents,water,food,insect repellant, sunscreen, etc. We will have food vendors and of course porta potties and access to water BUT no showers or electrical hookup.


Check out our promotional partners at West Mitten Media & Kzoo Music Scene!

Lineup Includes:

Joe Marcinek Band
Pleasant Drive
Business As Usual
Fried Egg Nebula
Chicago Funk Mafia
The Casual Ties
Herbert Wiser
Blue Fruit Snacks
Skee-Town Stylee
Electric Jug Band
Higgs Theory
Great Notion
Band of Lovers
Electric Medicine
Kayla Jo
Drew Phoria
Jeni B

***Special Performances***
Bim Willow
Jaik Willis
Brian Imig
Indacoda Blue
Ryan Scott guest speaker (Constitutional Rights)

Lights & Sound by: Roscoe Sound Pro & Active light production

**SET TIMES Electric Bands/Late Night**

Friday June 19th:
Retargenus 12-1pm
Great Notion 1:30-2:30pm
F(L)ight 3-4pm
Skee-Town Stylee 4:20-5:30pm
Casual Ties 6-7pm
Stikyfüt 7:30-8:30pm
Fried Egg Nebula 9-10pm
Joe Marcinek Band 10:30-12(ish)
**Late Night Includes**
Jaik Willis

Saturday June 20th:
Blue Fruit Snacks 10:30-11:30am
Hydrotech 12-1pm
Higgs Theory 1:30-2:30pm
Earphorik 3-4pm 
Electric Jug Band 4:30-5:30pm
Herbert Wiser 6-7pm
Business As Usual 7:30-8:30pm
Chicago Funk Mafia 9-10pm
Pleasant Drive 10:30-12(ish)
**Late Night Includes**
Brian Imig
Indacoda Blue

Sunday June 21st:
Jeni B. 11-12pm
Kayla Jo 12:15-1:15pm
Drew Phoria & Friends 1:30-2:30pm
Band of Lovers 3-4pm 
Electric Medicine (Closing Ceremony) 4:30-End

Go to www.hoodilidoo.com for pictures, videos, tickets, directions and more info!
Hoodilluminati Hoodilidoo Hoodilidoo Music Festival HOODILIDOO GROUPMichigan Peace Festival West MittenMafia

ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS! The ONLY "service" animals allowed are STATE REGISTERED FOR BLIND PEOPLE ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. So please do not even ask.

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Live Painting at Head Change // Music and Art Gathering
to Jun 14

Live Painting at Head Change // Music and Art Gathering


>>> What Is Head Change? <<<

Head Change is a gathering of truly grateful, loving people. Rich in culture, music, art, morality and vision of a more sustainable world.

"United we stand, divided we fall"

This is an enduring motto original to America. We the people (who may feel strongly in many different fashions about the state of affairs) have a responsibility to preserve Art, Music, Self Expression, Originality and the right to peacefully assemble to celebrate these values. The mega events that draw many thousands of people give in to the perpetuation of consumerism and often lack a sense of centralized unity.

The Head Change Gathering is unique in the fact that it is 100% Not-for-Profit, not monetary profit that is. This event fruits a truly unique environment, experiences, friendships and working relationships that can last a life time; THIS is our profit.
Organized & Produced by:
Secondary Studio Productions & Tree Love Collective

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Soulshine Live Art Gallery @ Summer Camp Music Festival
to May 23

Soulshine Live Art Gallery @ Summer Camp Music Festival

This year, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the artists to show my work in the Soulshine Live Art Gallery at Summer Camp Music Festival. Below is the description DIRECTLY from the Summer Camp Website, and a list of the other artists chosen to show their artwork through both gallery viewing and live art in the gallery and on stage. I am so thankful to get the chance to exhibit my artwork along such amazing artists that have inspired a lot of my own work. Tickets are still on sale, so get yours and come find me painting! 

The Live Art Gallery is back! Be sure to swing by the Soulshine Tent to check out the 3rd year of visual stimulation! Artists will be holding space in the tent each day and painting live to your favorite sets of music at the stages. This year’s Soulshine Live Art Gallery features the artists below:

  • Christian Jaxtheimer: cjaxtheimer.com
  • Andrew Wagner and Bridget Adams: majik-eye.blogspot.com
  • Cory Ponz: facebook.com/coryponz
  • Stephen Wells: stephenwellsart.com
  • Steven Teller: teventellerarts.com
  • Derek Gruen: facebook.com/derek.gruen
  • Alicia Post: facebook.com/aliciapostart
  • Ben Laskov: palmersquarestudios.com
  • Efren Rebugio Jr.: everydayresearch.com

For the sixth consecutive year the Soulshine Live Art Gallery will host visual artists at Summer Camp Music Festival. Watch for these talented folks as they display their latest creations daily at the Soulshine Tent and paint live while bands perform at nearly all of the festival’s stages!

This year we opened the gallery up to the public!  Artists had two months to submit applications, at which point a team of directors narrowed down the applicants to 8 contestants who were asked to join the Live Art Gallery for 2015.  This was no easy task as we received so many beautiful submissions!

The applicants chosen for this year’s art gallery are (in no particular order)…

& for those of you that want the chance to show your work at Summer Camp as well:

Now we’ve opened up even more spots, meaning you have one last chance to join the gallery!  This time, artists may submit applications via the app below, and THE FANS will choose who joins the gallery. Artists have three weeks to submit entries, and fans can vote on their favorites through out the entry period.  The top THREE artists by vote total as of 11:59 PM Central on April 12, 2015 will be joining the Live Art Gallery for 2015.  Good luck everyone!

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Live Painting @ Ohm Towne Heroes / Sun Tribe / Kayla Jo
to Apr 25

Live Painting @ Ohm Towne Heroes / Sun Tribe / Kayla Jo

Ohm Towne Heroes have been working hard all winter long to develop our sound and write a collection of new songs and we are thrilled to announce that we will be making out Kalamazoo debut at Papa Pete's this spring!  

Joining the line up is Sun Tribe out of Detroit and Kayla Jo will start the night off with a set of her magical Ukulele songs!

Doors 9pm 
$5 Cover

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LIVE PAINTING & FREE MUSIC for Kalamazoo Beer Week Pub Crawl
to Jan 11

LIVE PAINTING & FREE MUSIC for Kalamazoo Beer Week Pub Crawl

  • Shakespeare's Lower Level (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

January 10th is the kick off of Kalamazoo Beer Week and HONEYDEW SQUEEZE has got a treat for you!

Part of the Sam Adams sponsored Kalamazoo Pub Crawl, Shakespeare's Lower Level will be hosting this righteous event from 7pm-2am Saturday 1/10.

Opening up the night will be acoustic performances by: 
ALEX RADLOFF (Kalamazoo. Singer/Songwriter)
KYLE BUSS (Chicago, Il. Singer/Songwriter)

Followed by:
KING MEDIAN (Kalamazoo. Psychedelic/Indie Rock)

with Special Guests:
LEAVING LIFTED (MaComb, Mi. Reggae/ Ska Rock)
FUNKY MARBLES (South Haven, Mi. Funk/ Jam Band)

HONEYDEW SQUEEZE (Kalamazoo. Blues/Reggae/jam)

Along with some groovy tunes there will be:

~Live Painting by Jesse M Geurin

~Live painting by Prince Alyssa

~Live painting by Mallory Alonzo

Come drink, dance, and act a fool with us at Shakespeare's Lower Level 1/10 @7pm 

FREE music, great beer, better people. 

The juice is worth the SQUEEZE


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to Sep 27

LIVE PAINTING for PLM Keepin It Crew Tour


Sep 26, Pretty Lights Music #keepinitcrew Tour feat Michal Menert + Eliot Lipp + SuperVision + Paul Basic at The Mix Kzoo TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW and this will SELL OUT VERY FAST! 

BUY TIX --> http://plmtour.bpt.me/
RSVP --> https://www.facebook.com/events/579696772139994/

Keepin’ It Crew Tour is bringing a fresh, new collaborative tour to a venue near you. PLM Tour featuring Michal Menert, Eliot Lipp, SuperVision and Paul Basic will hit the road on September 23rd, 2014 making 24 stops across the Midwest, down the East Coast, and through the South. Fans will enjoy a two-hour set with every artist on stage at the same time collaborating with each other while individually showcasing their own styles.

These artists have been a part of the Pretty Lights Music label for many years and have developed a deep musical bond that inspired this unique tour. It's an interactive experience that has only happened once before with great success, and now here's your chance to see it live. Marcelo Moxy to open every night. 






Located at The Mix Kzoo 

- Doors at 9 p.m.

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6:00 PM18:00

Live Art at Arena District ArtPrize® Preview Event


Though I wasn't accepted into an official Art Prize venue this year, I am still excited to announce that I will be participating in the Arena District ArtPrize® Preview Event! 

For more information on tickets and Fashion Has Heart please visit the link below:


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